Rapid Mailer Review

Rapid Mailer Review

Rapid Mailer Review

This is our HONEST and GENUINE ‘Rapid Mailer Review‘. We have had a chance to see the workings of the Rapid Mailer plugin  – and if the Rapid Mailer software is right for you – you can get great bonuses with your purchase, once the software is launched on the 8th April 2014.

As with all IMSC software – the launch will be massive.  But is the software actually any good? BOOKMARK this page and get our ‘Rapid Mailer Review‘ bonuses with the software on the 8th April.

Rapid Mailer Review

Rapid Mailer Review – What It Does  Do?

Rapid Mailer is an email capture system like the market leader Aweber – which allows you set up email address capture systems. But is also a complete email marketing system as well.  Rapid Mailer has:

  • Easy Set-up
  • Synchronised email sending
  • One of broadcasts
  • ‘Social Media’ integration
  • 24/7 support
  • Complies With all legal requirements
  • Accurate Statistics
  • Multiple accounts / mailing lists

Rapid Mailer has additional  features that take email marketing to the next level (in fact many levels above) by incorporating well known and very successful marketing techniques in to emails. Such as:

Paid Subscriptions – have ‘public’ and paid mailing lists. If you have content you could sell to members – automate the process, by having a paid subscription service, where people pay to be on your mailing list.  This is great for marketing niches such as ‘weight loss’, ‘penny stocks’ ‘job advertising’ ‘adult niche’.

Video Integration – a simple format to input a YouTube video in to emails.  Imagine the power of an email explaining your offer  – but in a way that speeds up the opening of an email with ’embedded content’.

How about a bonus or discount email to those who were interested enough to click through – but didn’t buy? Set- up one list at the start of your funnel to capture leads – a second email capture to claim bonuses or free updates.  You have 2 email lists – one where they didn’t buy – for a series of follow-up emails to encourage a purchase and another where they did buy for follow up emails and information.

This is how at Rapid Mailer Review – we set up all of our email systems.

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Rapid Mailer – Watch the Demo



Rapid Review Bonus

Rapid Mailer Review – Are IMSC Credible?

IMSC are yet to launch a product that is anything less than brilliant.  They seem to start off with “how can people make life changing money from this product?” and work backwards towards a solution. Consider this approach against many “affiliate marketing products” who create a product and then think “what approach do we need to to take to sell this to people as being able to make life changing money”.

I will give you an example of the software that IMSC create –  that typically so simple – yet effective.

Issue – you have a website that has been running for a couple of years with pages and posts that are 2 or 3 years old.  The issue is that search engines like Google ‘ignore’ your pages and posts that are over 6 months old.  You could have 1000’s of pages or posts of good quality, relevant content.

Answer – IMSC created ‘PingFresh‘ – simple software that ‘pings’ your posts back to search engines after 45 days (set by the user).  Google and fellow search engines then see each post as new content – and treat it as the new, informative content that it believes it to be.

As with all IMSC software – you can see the magic happening.  I can log into my website and see how many times Google has trawled my website that day and see which posts it has ‘picked up’ as new. Constant re-working of my content on autopilot. We use pingfresh on all our websites . We saw a significant jump in traffic 45 days after we installed this software.

Another example of the work by IMSC is ‘Backlink Commando’ – if you need to rank your websites, posts or videos higher in search engines (i.e. you are not already on the first page) you must watch the video.

Rapid Mailer Review – What Are The Benefits?

Okay, so you have heard the affiliate marketing saying that the “money is in the list”?

Creating and maintaining a list of subscribers is very easy with Rapid Mailer.

It has a simple to understand, and easy to work with, dashboard – to see how many subscribers you have, what emails have been sent (and opened and links clicked on) and what emails are about to be sent.

Rapid Mailer has built in email templates, the ability for you to create or customise your own templates and to import purchased templates.

You can easily import your current list of subscribers to Rapid Mailer by simply uploading a .csv file.  If you have a Facebook Fan Page – you can import your ‘fans’ email lists to Rapid Mailer as well.

You can automate a list of emails (email follow ups) to go to subscribers to cement the sale of products, encourage the buy-up on products or to introduce your list to new products.  If you add an email to your ‘follow up emails’ – you have the option to send this email to subscribers already through your follow-up emails – NO OTHER Autoresponder allows you to do this.

When writing a post on your blog you have the option to send the full blog or an excerpt of the blog post to your list – completely automated. This massive for driving traffic back to your website with relevant, laser targeted visitors.

Rapid Mailer Review – What Is The Feedback?

When it is launched we will research and amalgamate all of the feedback around the internet regarding this software.

Rapid Mailer Review – How Will You Make Money?

As well as having the ability to grow a huge marketing list and automated marketing system should be enough to make a good income- the ‘newsletter’ function is a massive opportunity.

Say you have a website or Facebook page on a popular niche like ‘Weight Loss’.  Allowing people to sign-up to a regular newsletter system, for say $7 a month, will generate income.

The newsletters should add some value, but this can be obtained from PLR article sites.  Add videos from youtube, inspiring quotes etc. Sprinkle in to your newsletter a review or two on the latest products – you will soon have a growing army of paid subscriptions and additional revenue from sales on the products.

Rapid Mailer Review – What Are The Costs?

Rapid Mailer is FREE (our favourite price) once you have paid the small price for the plugin .  The ‘strap line’ for the software is “Finally, Create Hugely Profitable Mailing Lists, Control Your Email Marketing and Save a Fortune in Email Fees”. There are no ongoing monthly fees.

With competitors like aweber charging between $19 and $130 a MONTH, this would be a welcome saving.

Much better functionality – incorporate ‘affiliate marketing’ tools – and cheaper than current solutions. We cannot wait  at ‘Rapid Mailer Review’ for the launch!

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